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Benefits of Opting for A Car Lease in Dubai

February 4, 2020

When you lease a car in Dubai, you open up doors of benefits for your long-term vehicle on rent. You need to pay a monthly fee that covers various aspects like warranty and insurance. Even the maintenance factor is typically taken care of when you opt for a car on lease. All you need to do is take care of the variable expenses like the car’s fuel costs. The best part is that at the end of the lease, you can trade the car for the newest model on the market or go for a better-looking variant in a different color.

Car Lease

Sense of Ownership

A lease is typically for 12 to 24 months and provides you a sense of ownership driving a car over a long duration. This factor is especially helpful to expats who are in Dubai for the long term and needs a trusted set of wheels they feel comfortable in. So, if your family or work commitment means staying in Dubai for more than 6 months, then car leases work better than other options like the rental or outright purchase of the car. The only significant cost involved will be putting up a deposit (of up to 3 months in advance) to protect the vehicle and carry some safety net coverage for it. Their mileage threshold too, is attractive, and it will take you a LOT of driving to overcome this threshold.

Tailor-Made Solution

For expats who frequently travel to different countries, the idea of leasing a car suits them perfectly. If a person is in a transient mode and doesn’t know where he or she will be in the next two years, then it would be advisable to go for economical long-term car leases than buying it and getting stuck with is possession. All the expat needs to do is sell the car back to the rental agency after the end of the contract. This step means that the person is saved from the troubles of selling it to other buyers before leaving the country. In case the person has to leave the country on short notice, then he or she may not have the time to find appropriate buyers at the suggested asking price for a self-owned car. This advantage again makes a case for leasing a vehicle rather than picking outright purchase.

Tailor-Made Solution

To Conclude

These were some highlights that present a compelling narrative on why you need to choose to consider leasing a car, especially in Dubai. The cost-effective factor is a major draw for many people who want to drive economical when they are residing in Dubai. We hope this article helps you when deciding whether to rent or lease a vehicle.