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Dubai city tour

February 5, 2019

Welcome to Dubai, over the years the emirate of Dubai has gained and won many prestigious titles in the field of Architecture Marvels, Hospitality, Trading, Healthcare, Sports etc. to reflect the importance of its people, its location and its effort to be placed on the world map. Know as the City of Gold, City of Lights, and the City of Merchants. Dubai is famous for modern picturesque parks and gold courses followed by a wide range of heritage cities and beautiful deserts across the Arabian Gulf. Dubai is a city that embraces different races, nationalities and cultures with a vision for multi cultural platform.

Tour Includes a visit to: Burj Al Arab (infront) / Jumeirah Palm Island / Sandy Beaches of Jumeirah / Jumeirah Mosque / Sheikh Zayed Rd. (luxury hotels in Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Emirates Tower and Skyscrapers offices and residences) / Al Fahidi Fort / Heritage Village / Dubai Museum / Textile and Spice Souq / Gold Souq. 

Pick up time 09:00am
Drop off time 1:30pm
Duration 4 hours