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The Basics of Starting A Business in Ajman Media City Free Zone

February 13, 2020

When establishing a business in a free zone, it is recommended that you consult experts in setting up a business. They will tell you the correct way is to proceed for establishing your new business. They will also be of great help in obtaining an Ajman Media City free Zone License within no time. Now here are some interesting facts about doing business at this location.

Ajman Media City Free Zone License Dubai

Advantages of Setting Up Your Business

  • There are numerous business packages you can choose from.
  • One of the different and appealing things here is that to establish your firm here, you don’t need to be in the UAE.
  • The registration process is as easy as it gets. It is totally no trouble and it can be done quickly. 
  • As far as paperwork is concerned, no NOC is required and the license is issued within a day of submitting the application. 
  • Total foreign ownership is allowed here; you don’t need a sponsor. Additionally, there is 100% repatriation of capitals and profit.

Types of Business Structures in The AMC Free Zone

  • Free zone establishing: This type of business structure is owned by one individual only. 
  • Free zone company: Under this type, the business needs to have at least two shareholders, who could either be a person or a company. 
  • Foreign company brand: This one is for companies who already have establishments outside the UAE and now want to set up their brand in the country’s free zones. It is good for their firm to grow in an environment that provides so much freedom. 
  • Subsidiary of a foreign company: Companies who have origins outside the UAE can establish a subsidiary in the UAE free zone with this type of formation.

Ajman Media City Free Zone License UAE

Types of Licenses

Here are some of the license packages you can get at this location:

  • Business club: This option comes with a monthly shared office. Organizations forming here will have and enjoy all the benefits of free zone status. Other things included are numerous commercial activities and services.
  • Bronze package: This package has a combined permanent address arrangement in the premises. Companies are allowed the provision of only one visa with free zone status. Everything else is the same as the first package. 
  • Silver plus package: Organizations are allowed shared permanent working space address but with 3 visas instead of one.
  • Silver package: Here you get a shared permanent office. There are additional fees like Vat and fee for innovation.

By means of enough research and guidance from a business setup expert, your business will be up and about in no time. See this source to know more and set up your dream business at a dream destination like Ajman with minimum fuss.