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Tips to Ordering Sushi for First Timers

January 9, 2020

No two sushi restaurants are alike, and this holds especially true for those establishments that offer home delivery. The problem is that most of the time customers have not had the first-hand experience of their food, especially for those visiting Dubai on vacation. So, some caution is needed when ordering sushi from a takeout restaurant especially about their food quality and hygiene.

Thankfully, this article provides a comprehensive list of things that you should know when ordering sushi for delivery. In other words, the secrets that only true sushi connoisseurs know about ordering the freshest and best sushi delivery Dubai has to offer. Use these when placing your next sushi delivery order.

Best Sushi Delivery Dubai

Avoid Restaurants with Processed Foods

Due to the huge demand for sushi in Dubai, a number of establishments have popped up that offer quick home delivery. While this offers a lot of conveniences, many of these restaurants use processed ingredients whereas authentic sushi requires fresh ingredients to be used. Another thing that these restaurants do is to use low-cost ingredients to prepare large batches of sushi affordably. These are the restaurants that you should avoid ordering from. It is simply not worth the price. Instead, order from a genuine Japanese restaurant that delivers freshly prepared sushi.

Stay Away from Fast Food Establishments

There are several restaurants out there that are basically fast-food establishments but offer sushi as part of the menu. This is another convenient option as such restaurants are located in almost every major neighborhood of the city, but their preparation methods are dubious at best. These restaurants do not hire professional sushi chefs so the food quality is never up to the mark. Secondly, one can never be too sure of their hygiene processes as sushi requires extremely careful and sophisticated handling to avoid contamination. 


Omakase is Japanese for ‘Make the decision for me’ and is commonly used in sushi restaurants to let the chef decide your sushi selection. When placing an order for sushi delivery, requesting the chef to make a choice can help you get the best sushi on offer. Chefs are typically better aware of the freshest catch of the day and which type of sushi has turned out particularly well on that day. So, you stand a much better chance of getting the tastiest and freshest sushi.

Best Sushi Delivery UAE

Go Easy on The Seasoning

Much of the taste and flavor of sushi comes across in the way it is prepared and in the combination of ingredients used in the filling. While sauces and other seasonings are out there, you don’t necessarily need them. In fact, some chefs feel offended when you season a piece of sushi without first tasting it in the virgin state. So, the best way to get the genuine sushi flavor is to order your sauces to be packed separately and have your first sushi bit without any extra seasoning.

Avoid Fancy Names

Chefs are extremely creative when coming up with new varieties and names of sushi, but there is something as going a bit overboard. Especially in Dubai where visitors come in expecting an exotic Arabian culture, restaurants get carried away by naming their offerings as Arabian Sushi or Desert Sushi. These products are simply a mishmash of random ingredients thrown in to create a slightly different version of their products. Stick with the traditional restaurants like UCCI Sushi and only trust the best names in the business.

Dubai offers plenty of options to enjoy sushi in the comfort of your home, provided you know how to order sushi. A little bit of research and knowledge about sushi types and preparation methods can give you the upper hand when placing an order for delivery.