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Why Choose St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship Program

December 17, 2019

Getting citizenship from a nation apart from the mother nation has become a great option availed by the businessmen around the world today. It allows them to not just extend their business to the other nations but also opens up the world for traveling. Yes, with passports from suitable nations, you can go anywhere that you want without having to get a second passport.

If you are looking for a second citizenship without many hassles, then the beautiful St. Kitts Island will be a good option for you. With its ever-growing trade and commerce, it has emerged as a very good market for making new investments as well. Apart from that St. Kitts is also very conveniently connected to other important destinations such as Europe and the U.S. Further, with the St. Kitts dual citizenship you may even enjoy the benefit of tax-free income all throughout the world. Learn more about why you should choose this program by reading this article.

Host of Advantages

Host of advantages

While many of the nations have begun to offer citizenship by investment plan only recently, St Kitt has been one of the oldest nations that offer this plan. This is why over the years it has been able to develop a host of benefits that it offers to its new citizens that you may not be able to find in any other place. It is this list of benefits that attracts so many applicants every year.

Fastest processing

Unlike other places, St. Kitts understands the value of your time and this is why they do not keep their applicants waiting to get their process done. The entire procedure of getting a citizenship is wrapped up within four months. In fact, the first approval for your application is given within 60 years.

Full family coverage

It is obvious that if you are looking for citizenship in another nation, you would look for citizenship for your other family members as well. With St Kitts citizenship you will have that covered as well. All your dependent family members who are below 30 years of age or for the elderly who are more than 55 years of age will get immediate coverage along with you.

Travel Visa-Free

Travel Visa-Free

The St Kitts passport allows individuals to travel visa-free to over 235 nations, including the UK, Hong Kong as well as Singapore. So, we recommend getting your St Kitts and Nevis citizenship right away.